Five for Friday

1 – So, on Sunday night, I was eaten alive by a killer mosquito. Monday morning came with eleven bites on my legs and feet and the beginnings of an allergic reaction. I always seem to have allergic reactions to mosquito bites and this time is no different. Lots of swelling and redness. I’ve been applying hydrocortisone cream daily and popping Benedryl at night. Well, except for the day I took it BEFORE WORK. No, not a good idea. I spent all of Wednesday in a foggy haze, struggling to keep my eyes open. But the Benedryl has helped so much. I love that stuff.

2 – Over the weekend, I did a lot of cruise shopping. Oh, yes, this is a thing! I snagged a really hot bathing suit and cover-up and then a bunch of other great clothes to wear on excursions and whatnot. To be honest, you don’t need that many clothes on a cruise (and I probably had enough…) but it’s just so much fun! I still want to see if I can get another outfit or two for the dinners but I’m mostly ready. Can we fast forward through these next two weeks now?

3 – I ran a 5K on Sunday. This was my third year doing the IronGirl race in Clearwater and I enjoyed it just as much as the first three. They had a different path for the race this year which took me up the Causeway. One word: ouch. I walked more than I wanted to, but since I hadn’t really trained for it, I was okay with my time. I’m still on the fence on whether or not I want to shoot for a half-marathon in November. A part of me really wants to, but then there’s the part of me that doesn’t. My plan is to just keep running (or whatever you call what I’m doing. Ha!) and see how I feel in August.

4 – Sixteen days until my cruise! I’ve been thinking about writing a “What I Learned From my First Cruise” post. So here’s my question for you all: do you have any questions for me regarding cruising? Anything at all? Leave a comment and if I get enough, maybe I’ll do a cruise Q&A post next week!

5 – This weekend is hopefully going to be slow and relaxing. I’m hoping my bites will be okay for me to do boot camp (I haven’t been in a few weeks!) and there will be some more cruise shopping, possibly baby-sitting my nephew, and best of all: TWOOKCLUB! I just finished Divergent a few days ago and I really, really enjoyed the book. I wouldn’t say it sold me on the dystopian genre or that I’m invested enough to read the second book in the series, but I was a fan of the book itself.

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  1. Lisa of Lisa's yarns says

    That sucks about the mosquito bites. Being itchy is intolerable, really!

    I have a quiet weekend ahead of me as well. My only plans are running and studying. I am happy to have a quiet weekend as I am coming off a string of busy weekends and have 2 out of town trips in the next 2 weeks (home for my nephews first communion, Denver for work). So a quiet weekend is just what I need!

  2. says

    Oh you poor thing with the mosquito bites! And yes, I think a post about what you learned from your first cruise would be really helpful! I’ve never been on a cruise and they sound fun, but I’ve heard you can sometimes be fooled because at the very end you get a stack of envelopes where you have to leave tips and such which can be a little tricky if you thought it was “all-inclusive” – I’ve been told by several people you pay for the cruise and think that’s it but they ended up spending a lot of money while on it too. Also, I know there’s a lot to do on cruise ships, but do you ever feel…trapped on the boat? Or do you stop enough to dispell that feeling?

    Happy Friday!

    • says

      I’m actually planning a 2-part series on this (seriously, I had so much to say!) so I’ll make sure to answer some of your questions in those blog posts!

      Cruises are the BEST and I really think they’re pretty well-priced for everything you get!

  3. says

    I’m so excited for you and your cruise! I’ve been on three and I absolutely love them! Which cruise line are you going on? I’ve only been on Carnival, but I’ve heard good things about others as well.

    • says

      I’m going on Carnival, as well. I’ve only used Carnival and I absolutely love that cruise line so we didn’t even look at any others, ha. They’re well-priced and you get a lot of bang for your buck!

    • says

      I’m already planning to get married on a cruise ship. An acquaintance did this. They had the ceremony before the cruise left port and then had the entire wedding party with them for the cruise! Like, HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE?! So… yeah. Future Husband better get prepared. I hope he doesn’t get seasick easily. 😉

  4. says

    Your cruise is going to be so fun! And yes, you DO need a few new things! It wouldn’t be a vacation if you couldn’t buy a new bathing suit. And shorts. And a few cute tops…

    Great job with the 5k. I think you still have plenty of time to decide on whether you want to do the half or not. It IS a lot of work, but with such a great reward, during the training…and once you complete the race, you feel so good, proud and tired.

  5. says

    I react to mosquito bites too, and even more to spider bites. I had one on my arm for over a week. And it’s so distracting, so I feel your pain.

  6. says

    That’s awesome you ran a 5K, Stephanie! Running a 5K is a lot harder than one would assume it to be. I’ve been meaning to just sign up for one for weeks now, but still haven’t. 😛

    Have a great weekend. Hope those mosquito bites clear up!

  7. says

    Mosquito bites are THE WORST! The little buggers seem to looove me too! I got eaten alive last summer with about 40 bites all over my legs, it was awful. I hope you get some relief soon!

  8. says

    Ugh, mosquito bites! One of the things I really dislike about summer (the only thing?). Hope you are healed soon. I think we need to see pics of your new cruise clothes!

    Happy you had fun at the 5K! :)

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