Everyday Moments: May 2012

I took a month off from my usual “Everyday Moments” post, but it’s back this month! These can be cumbersome to keep up so sometimes, you just need a break. That said, I love recapping my months like this, finding the good in every day. Even the crappy ones.

1 – A very productive day at work, Jeremy winning The Biggest Loser

2 – A pedicure with my mom

3 – Buying a new piece of luggage for my cruise (Jessica Simpson; $80, marked down from $400!), baking snickerdoodle cookies

4 – My nephew greeting me with a big hug and then running from the playground to give me another hug when I was leaving. (He is very stingy with his hugs so it made my day!)

5 – My brother’s wedding day!

Photo Credit: Do Re Mi Photography

6 – Sleeping in, buying new make-up products from Bare Minerals, and picking up my nephew! (We watched him for a few days while his parents were on their mini-honeymoon. So fun!)

7 – A running hug and big smile from my nephew after a stressful day at work.


8 – Making a long “to do before vacation” list for work and knocking out more than a few tasks.

9 – Cutting my hair back into a bob!


10 – An early Mother’s Day dinner with my mom, brother, and nephew.

11 – Last day of work before vacation!

12 – Making it to Ft. Lauderdale okay, a low-key night before our cruise began

13 – Embarking on our cruise!

photo (42)

14 – A fun-filled day in Key West, biking around the island and walking around all the touristy shops.


15 – Sleeping in until noon, spending the majority of the day relaxing and reading and eating.

16 – Being back in Grand Cayman. Kissing and holding sting rays. Kissing, dancing with, and hugging a dolphin. The feeling of island life.


17 – Being in JAMAICA! The amazing views presented in the rain forest. Zip-lining and the tour guides making things easy and fun.


18 – Enjoying our last day on the cruise by sleeping in, eating a lot, and taking lots of pictures to remember people by.

19 – Getting on the road early (7AM) and seeing DUTCH after a whole week. My brother and nephew coming over for a few hours that night.

photo (1)

20 – A lazy day at home, catching up on shows we missed while we were gone.

21 – My nephew’s school picture. It’s the cutest ever!

photo (2)

22 – The essays in the Stuff Christians Like book. If you’ve grown up in church, this book is SPOT ON for everything that happens. I’m already in love with Jon Acuff’s blog, now I’m in love with the book.

23 – Getting an “excellent” from my boss for my work on a tough project. (I was nervous!)

24 – The premiere for So You Think You Can Dance!

25 – Outback for dinner. Yum, yum!

26 – Long walk with a friend, catching up on life. It’s funny how we can let life get in the way of cultivating those necessary relationships.

27 – Finishing the #twookclub book, even if it made me cry and broke my heart.

28 – Sleeping in until 11, a day off from work, and a day spent doing nothing of importance. Perfection.

29 – A dreary, rainy day. I love rainy days.

30 – My first hard workout in a while. So needed & necessary.

31 – A long, soul-cleansing talk with God about Big Life Issues.

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  1. says

    You had a really great month! It seems like so much time has passed since your brother’s wedding!

    Your nephew is adorable! I am glad you got to spend so much time with him. i am looking forward to spending more time with my nephews this month at the lake cabin – and 2 of them are going to be at my post-CFA exam celebration tomorrow!

  2. says

    Ha I love Linda’s comment! It’s true she literally just commented that on my blog!

    OH MY GOD YOUR NEPHEW’S SCHOOL PICTURE… I literally awww-ed out loud by myself. Not even kidding! That little smirk & his adorable freaking hair cut? Oh my.

    Your month of May was filled with amazing things too! It really was a great month all around. Lucky you, you’ve got another cruise to look forward to in June so your next re-cap should be good too ;)… Plus, hopefully other happy things? You know what I mean. Heheh.

    UPDATES please and thank you. I’m going to be e-mailing you back early this afternoon. Yay for days off! This has nothing to do with your May re-cap but one thought led to another and then another… And yeah. This is how my brain works LOL.

  3. says

    You had a great month! Your brother’s wedding, the cruise, lots of family time…it sounds like a good one. I think that it’s so good to look back like this, as well as hopefully enjoying these moments as you are doing them!

  4. says

    Your hair looks great! I can’t wait to chop mine again after my wedding! May was a great month for you with your brother’s wedding and your cruise!

    • says

      I keep up a post on Windows Live Writer. Sometimes, it completely slips my mind and I’ll have to write a weeks worth of “moments” in one day so that’s when it gets cumbersome, ha! But it’s also a really fun way of keeping track of the month. You should try it! :)

  5. says

    Twook Club completely slipped my mind this month, and that was a book I’d wanted to read. I will look up June’s book when I get finished with this comment. I, too, need to have a huge, soul-cleansing talk with God. There are so many things that need addressing in my life right now, and I’ve kept putting them off, pretending like they’re not as big of an issue as they are. I hope you have another great month in June. I enjoyed reading about May’s bright moments. Can’t wait to see what June brings you!

    • says

      Thanks, Lauren! No June book, actually (since I’ll be out of town) but I’ll be putting up the poll for the July book on Sunday night. So go suggest some books for July! :)

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