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Happy Friday, friends! Fridays are really the best, aren’t they? And when you only work 3.5 hours, they are even better!

Let’s dive right into another TGIF post!

The high of my week was ladies happy hour with a bunch of work friends. It was a ton of fun! I drank a delicious mojito, shared a plate of nachos with a friend, and really enjoyed the conversation and our view (we saw a pair of dolphins swimming around the bay!). Also, word to the wise: if you ride together with friends to a social gathering, be sure to ride with other introverts because then you get to leeeeave early because you’re all socialed-out together. The best.

The low of my week was the heartache that was found in the news this week. Well, the news is always pretty awful, but this week really broke my heart. First, with the news that one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams, had died. My heart shattered when I learned about his death. He was such a big part of my childhood! (There was a time, when I was younger, that the only movie I ever wanted to watch was Mrs. Doubtfire.) Mental illness is such a scary, scary beast.

And then, there was all the scary stuff happening in Ferguson, MO. Oh, man! It’s been crazy. And frightening. And ridiculous. And I just want this to be resolved. What a mess!

A blog post I loved was Stuff Scarlette Says by Kayla Aimee. This week in the news has been heartbreaking and shameful, to put it mildly. So, instead of linking to one of the many articles talking about the sad stuff, I thought it might be better to link up to something cheerful, light, and would make people smile. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need. This blog post is a gem!

A podcast episode I loved was Should Tipping Be Banned? by Freakonomics Radio. This episode was so interesting to me! One of the guests on the podcast threw out a crazy stat that in one year (this isn’t an updated stat, so it’s probably higher now!), Americans spent $40 BILLION on tipping. Cue the eyes-bugged-out emoji! That’s so astounding to me. This podcast takes you through some stats on tipping habits, how tipping in America is completely different than the rest of the world, and if tipping is actually discriminatory.

For my goal of working out 31 times in August, I completed 7 workouts! I did four cardio workouts and three strength-training workouts, so I’m keeping balanced with my exercising, which I’m super happy about. I’m at 12 workouts for the month, so I’m behind but I’m okay with that. I know I’ll catch up!

The best money I spent was $16.88 on a drink and a shared plate of nachos during ladies happy hour last night!

My plans this weekend include some boring adult stuff, like getting an oil change and doing a ton of workouts. And some fun stuff like going to a Bucs game! My mom’s friend gave us tickets and – this is the best part! – they are playing the Dolphins! Ahhhhh…. I am beside myself with glee!

What was the highlight of your week? Any fun weekend plans?

*Blog post inspired by Cait

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    Your happy hour with friends sounds like so much fun! Nachos sound SO good!

    This week has been busier than usual for me so the highlight of my night was my quiet night in with Phil on Tuesday. I needed a quiet night like that after my busy weekend. I don’t have too much planned this weekend which is really nice after being gone last weekend. Phil and I are trying a new-to-us Mexican restaurant tonight, tomorrow morning after my run I am hoping to met up with a friend and her family for brunch and then on Saturday night I have Phil’s birthday dinner with friends at an Indian restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. Sunday is plan-free right now which I am so happy about! If it’s nice I might go kayaking.

    Have so much fun at the game this weekend!

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    If tipping was banned I think minimum wages would have to be SIGNIFICANTLY raised. My best friend has been living in Australia on and off for the past two years and she worked as a bartender over there and got paid $18/hour! BUT she also didn’t get any tips. Bartenders here get paid like $10/hour (our minimum wage) which is literally not liveable. You cannot get by and pay all your bills on that wage, so the tips are necessary.

    I actually kind of enjoyed traveling around Ireland and Scotland and not having to worry about tipping so it would be nice if wages were raised and we didn’t have it, but I don’t ever see that happening.

    Hope you have a great weekend! I totally did this post today – such a fun idea for a Friday!

    • says

      I lived off minimum wage (no tips) for ten weeks last year when I was temping between jobs. I wouldn’t wish that kind of financial stress on my worst enemy, and I hope to never be in that position again!

  3. says

    I saw this idea for a Friday post on Amber’s website and loved it! So I popped over to read your answers as well :)

    I agree about the Ferguson stuff. I just CANNOT believe this is going on.

    I read your one answer incorrectly first and thought you spent $16.88 on a drink. I wanted to know what this fabulous drink was! Then I realized that was your drink AND some nachos :)

    The highlight of my week was celebrating a co-worker’s birthday and taking my son to the zoo :) I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my husband and son before I return to work on Monday. I’m a teacher and have had the summer off!


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