Week in the Life: Friday, November 21

by Stephany on November 22, 2014

friday morning

morning // I wake up at 5:30, take Dutch on a walk, and then head to the gym for a quick 30-minute workout on the elliptical. Best way to start my day! I go home, take a shower, and then get ready for the day, while listening to Slate’s Serial Spoiler Specials podcast. I don’t always agree with their commentary, but it’s a fairly good podcast this week. At work, I have a busy day ahead and only 3.5 hours in which to do it. I write a page of content, and then read over the pages I wrote yesterday and send those pages to a coworker for her to proof. Next, I read over edits I received on some other pages I wrote for a client, make changes, and send the content to the client for approval. Then, I have a short meeting with my manager to discuss my client load for the upcoming month (it’s going to be a doozy!). After that, I edit pages for a coworker and send them back to him. Done with work for the day! Wahoo!

friday afternoon

afternoon // I stay late at work to help decorate a coworker’s cubicle for his birthday, and then convince my work BFF to stop working for the day and go out to lunch with me. She accepts and we have a yummy lunch at Bahama Breeze! It’s a beautiful day, so we sit outside on the deck. With the sunny weather, ocean view, and island music, it’s hard to believe it’s only a few days before Thanksgiving. After lunch, I bid my friend goodbye and head on home, where I indulge in a wonderful 2.5 hour nap. I love Fridays!

friday night

night // After waking up from our nap, Dutch and I go for a walk and then I read for a little bit on the couch. Eventually, I tear myself away from the book to clean my bathroom. My mom comes home from work, and we talked for a while about our days before ordering pizza for dinner and settling in for a night of TV watching! Our DVR is a bit out of control (which is why I’m happy for winter finales for all my shows – I can catch up!). We watched Gotham, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, The Biggest Loser, and The McCarthy’s. We weren’t messing around! Regarding Scandal and HTGAWM – oh. em. GEE. Those winter finales were CRAZY! I can’t remember how many times I said, “OH MY GOD!” while watching HTGAWM. Ahhhh. Ok. Anyway. After our little TV watching binge, we clean up, say goodnight, and then I take Dutch on a quick walk outside (to ensure he doesn’t wake me up at 6am whining to go out!), do my nightly routine, read for a bit, and it’s lights out at 11:00. Wild and crazy Friday night, I know!

Thoughts on the Scandal and HTGAWM finales? Do you love taking naps, or do they just make you feel loopy?


Week in the Life: Thursday, November 20

by Stephany on November 21, 2014

thursday morning

morning // I wake up at 6am (40 degrees this morning – brr!), take Dutch on his morning walk, and then go for a “wog.” It’s hard and I kinda hate most of it, so that’s fun. I come home, write my “week in the life” post for yesterday, take a shower, and then plop myself down right at my computer to begin work for the day. Yep – it’s a work from home day! Hooray! (I love working at my office, but WFH days are divine.) Today, I planned to do a ton of writing – 12 pages in total. It’s doable, but it requires me staying on task. I make a breakfast shake and get started. I manage to write six pages in the morning, taking a break to put a load of laundry in the washer and tidy up my room and bathroom.

thursday aftenoon

Afternoon // Around 12:30, I get dressed (in jeans and presentable clothing, not just loungewear!) and take Dutch on a long walk outside. It’s warmed up – 64 degrees and sunny! Feels heavenly! Then, I meet my mom for lunch at our most favorite place – Chick-Fil-A. On the way, I listen to the Serial podcast and cheese and crackers, it’s a good one. A real good one. After Mom and I have lunch, I come home and immediately jump on gchat to discuss the episode with Nora (I’m so happy she is as obsessed as I am!). We both have a lot to say, and our conversation lingers throughout the afternoon. Eventually, after perusing the Serial subreddit for a while, I get back to my writing. I end up only writing five pages (I was aiming for six), but I do field some emails (the content I wrote that was sent over to a new client earlier in the week came back with one minor edit! This is very rare, and I do a happy dance!) and send off some of my content to a coworker to be proofed. Though I could force myself to write one more page, I decide to close up shop at 5:30 and work on it tomorrow when my mind is fresh.

thursday evening

night // I take Dutch on our nightly walk, and then go to Publix to pick up a few things: dinner tonight, dog treats, and milk for my breakfast shake tomorrow. I come home to hear Dutch whining like I’ve been gone for 10 hours and not 10 minutes (sigh). I give him appropriate snuggles, clean up the apartment, and then take a bubble bath, finishing up the book I’ve been reading while doing so (I loved it!). Then, I eat dinner while watching an episode of Gotham (I mainly watch because Ben McKenzie is so darn cute) and writing this post. Once the episode finishes, I fold my laundry while listening to a Freakonomics podcast and pop a few gluten-free cookies in the oven (not going gluten-free, I just prefer the taste!). I watch a Jimmy Fallon episode from last week while eating my cookies and finishing up this post. Then, I clean up, do my nightly routine, and it’s lights out by 10:30!

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Week in the Life: Wednesday, November 19

November 20, 2014

morning // Since I went to bed late (for me) the night before, I decided to skip my morning workout in favor of sleep (best decision). I woke up around 6:15 and it. was. freezing. Guys, this is COLD for Florida! I bundled up, Dutch wore his penguin sweatshirt, and we went for a walk. Then, […]

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Week in the Life: Tuesday, November 18

November 19, 2014

morning // Another early morning start for me! I wake up around 5:15, get dressed, take Dutch on a walk, and then walk over to the apartment gym. I do a quick, 30-minute interval workout on the stationary bike while watching an episode of Friday Night Lights. Afterwards, I shower and get ready for work. My […]

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Week in the Life: Monday, November 17

November 18, 2014

Today, I’m starting a fun challenge: Week in the Life! That means I’ll be attempting seven days of blogging in a row. OY! Let’s see if I can manage it. Ha. I heard about the challenge from a few bloggers who participated, but it seemed more like a scrapbooking exercise than anything else. Then, Kelly […]

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Five for Friday (v. 38)

November 14, 2014

1) I started listening to Christmas music this week. I’ve also been lighting the above candle since this weekend. Go ahead, judge me. I don’t really care. I felt like listening to Christmas music, so I am. I’ve never listened to Christmas music this early in the season, but it just felt right. And who says […]

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The Tampa Bay Project: Dachshund’s Bar & Grill

November 11, 2014

One of my goals for my Tampa Bay Project is to visit 10 non-chain restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. I mentioned this in the original post, but for someone who has grown up in the area, I am embarrassingly unfamiliar with Tampa points of interest. And when it comes to restaurants, I tend to […]

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Five For Friday (v. 37)

November 7, 2014

1) I had a dream this week that I was diagnosed with a disease that meant I had to get both my legs amputated. It was one of those dreams where I kept waking up, but I was still “in” the dream. Ever have those? So disconcerting. Moral of the story – let’s not take […]

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October Reads

November 4, 2014

It’s November! This month is packed with fun things: Dutch’s third annual “Running of the Weiners” race, the Turkey Trot (I think this is my seventh or eighth year doing it!), Thanksgiving, my birthday, and a fun road trip to Savannah. Woo! Today, I wanted to take the time to review the books I read […]

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TGIF (v. 8)

October 31, 2014

I haven’t felt very inspired for blogging lately. Last weekend, I kept opening up WordPress and staring at a blank posting screen, waiting for words to come and an idea to hit me. Nothing ever did, and I never want to blog just to blog, so I closed the screen and made peace with not […]

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