A Weekend in Pictures

by Stephany on September 29, 2014

Happy Monday! Oh, man, do I love weekends and this one was a fun one. It was partly busy and partly lazy, which is my kinda weekend. It’s still stupid hot in Florida (it was 105 degrees on Sunday!), but that’s par for the course. We were having some nice weather last week (low 70s and breezy in the mornings!), so I’ll cross my fingers the weather will start cooling down soon.

Anyway! Let’s dive into some pictures from my weekend, okay?

dark brown hair

I kicked off my weekend with a much-needed hair appointment. I decided to go a bit darker brown this time around – less red, more brown. I was a little nervous because it’s much darker than I normally go, but hey! It’s hair! It doesn’t hurt to try something new. I’m really happy with the color, though. It’s fun!

sweet tomatoes

Friday night was book club! We began our night at Sweet Tomatoes. I had a super yummy salad, a million pieces of cheesy bread, and a brownie for dessert.

laser tag

After dinner, a bunch of us headed over to Xtreme Fun Center to play laser tag! The idea to play laser tag was suggested as a joke, but a bunch of us were so down because it just sounded super fun. Unfortunately, I, um, really, really suck at laser tag. Like, really, really. Came-in-last-place-every-time bad. I mean, at least this means I’m not good at killing? Right? Uh.

Anyway, in between laser tag games, we played in the arcade and won enough tickets to buy friendship bracelets for everyone! We’re cute, I know.


And a group selfie to end the night. I love these girls so much. It’s so crazy to me that I found such a perfect book club. They are so my people.

banana bread

My Saturday started off in a delicious way – homemade banana bread! I had mentioned to a friend how much I love banana bread, and, sweet soul that she is, she baked me a loaf. Seriously. She just baked one for me. Can I marry her?! The banana bread was DELISH and I’m so excited to snack on it throughout the week.

dutch and steph

Saturday itself was a pretty lazy day, which I was grateful for. I slept in, did a little cleaning and laundry, sent some emails, and caught up on some recorded shows on my DVR (I give two thumbs up to Gotham and Scorpion and a ‘meh’ to Madam Secretary and black-ish). I planned to go to Target to get some things (and my nephew’s birthday present!), but it started storming terribly around 5:30 and Dutch was pretty anxious about it. He wouldn’t leave my side for a minute, so we had many snuggles and kisses!


Sunday afternoon was my nephew’s birthday party! It took place at a pool, though I didn’t bring a swimsuit because I am a dummy. (It was SO hot! I desperately wanted to cool off!) My grandparents came, and it was so nice to see them. (Side note: does my grandma not look amazing?! You’d never know she’s been through cancer three times in the past seven years! She’s doing well, and I’m praying the cancer stays away for good this time.)

Anyway, the party was a blast and a bunch of my nephew’s little buddies came, so it was fun to see him interact with them and be his usual goofball self.


And the rest of my Sunday? Was mostly spent like this. Writing blog posts, reading blog posts, responding to emails, and tracking my fantasy football team. Happy weekend indeed!

How was your weekend? When was the last time you played laser tag?


Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

by Stephany on September 26, 2014

Happy, happy Friday! What a week it’s been! I’m super happy it’s the weekend. This week has taken its toll on me. Work has been fine, it’s just a bunch of other bugging issues cropping up that are sapping my energy. I hope this weekend is a restorative one.

Let’s end this week with a fun “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” post, mmkay?

Yesterday, I…

  • Was pleasantly surprised by the fall-like morning! It was only 72 degrees and breezy. I am honestly shocked that we are having such nice weather lately. The mornings start in the low 70s, and we hover around low 80s throughout the day. I think Florida is finally experiencing fall! (Well, Florida fall, at least. It’s a reprieve from the 110 degree days we had been having!)
  • Took myself out to lunch. I love doing this. Getting away from the office, sitting outside, eating a meal in silence, and reading my book. It’s honestly the best and makes me happy.
  • Made gluten-free cookies. Yum, yum! My mom has gone gluten-free because we believe she has some sort of sensitivity to it. She was getting stomachaches and headaches multiple times a week, and I kept kindly nudging her to try going gluten-free just to see if that’s the cause. And so she’s been gluten-free, and it’s been working! And we discovered gluten-free cookies in the process, which I think I like better than regular cookies. Weird. But awesome.
  • Watched the Scandal premiere! Gosh, I love this show. And beforehand, I watched the whole cast on Ellen, and that was just the most fabulous. They are good people.

Today, I…

  • Will have a bagel for breakfast and I’m super excited about this. Bagel Friday FTW!
  • Have a hair appointment! Woo! I’m planning on freshening up my hair color (thinking this color, maybe) and just trimming my layers. I’m planning on growing my hair out to donate again, and I’ll probably go back to a bob next summer. Maybe. We’ll see how I feel.
  • Will wash and vacuum my car! Eek… it needs a good washing, for sure. It’s been more than a few months.
  • Have a fun night planned – Xtreme Book Club! One of my friend suggested doing laser tag for book club this month and a bunch of us were totally on board for that idea. So we’re meeting at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and then heading over to a laser tag center to play a few games. I mean! I’m so excited! My book club is the best.

Tomorrow, I…

  • Am thinking about going out to brunch. I haven’t been out for brunch in a long time! Hopefully, I can find a non-chain place that serves a delicious brunch (bonus points for a yummy mimosa!).
  • Have to drop my baby off for his biannual comprehensive check-up. It’s a pretty involved process where they take lots of tests to ensure he’s healthy and there are no internal issues we need to be concerned about. I’m always so nervous for these exams because I’m just always worried something is terribly wrong with Dutch. You never know! Good thoughts and prayers for another healthy check-up, please!
  • Need to buy my nephew a birthday present! Eek! I’m still not sure what I want to get him. He’s super into “Paw Patrol” so my brother has suggested that, but I think I might look for something a little more educational. I’m okay with being the lame aunt who buys books and puzzles! :)
  • Will have a low-key evening in. My goal is to catch up on my DVR (it’s already out of control with all the show premieres this week. Maaaaybe I have a TV addiction. Maybe.) and do some writing. Fiction writing! At least an hour! This is a must.

What is something you did yesterday, you did or will do today, and have planned for tomorrow?



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