10 Things I Like About Myself

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I saw this post on Cassie’s blog a few weeks ago and I loved the idea behind it, so, of course, I went over to Christy’s blog, where this link-up originated.

I was so drawn to this concept. I mean, is anyone with me? Does anyone else have such a hard time talking about the things they are good at, their strengths, because it feels boastful and braggy? Or maybe we’re so conditioned to talk down about ourselves, to deny compliments, and belittle our achievements, that it feels awkward and difficult. It’s not boastful, it’s not a #humblebrag, it’s nothing but recognizing who you are, what you like and are good at, and owning it. There’s no point in hiding it! All it does is hide your gifts and talents from the world.

I think the world could use a lot more love. (Duh.) And when we love ourselves, when we acknowledge how awesome and unique and special we are, that’s the only way we can give love out to others.

So, let’s love. Today, I’m throwing off my armor to discuss 10 things I like about myself. Some silly, some serious, but all things that make me uniquely me.

1. I have a great sense of humor. My sense of humor is a huge part of who I am and I can easily say I am a funny girl. I make people laugh, I’m witty, and I try to find the humor in just about everything I do. Also, sarcasm is my love language.

2. I am an exceptional daughter. Oh, yes, I am. My father is completely missing out on my awesomeness but I get to lavish it all on my mom. I’m kind and considerate, I listen to her, I get excited for her milestones and achievements, I try to offer advice when needed. She’s an exceptional mom, so I’m just trying to live up to her standards, honestly.

3. I love animals. Sometimes (most times), I think I love animals more the people. Animals just make me feel good. I get so excited every night when I leave work because I know I’ll get to see and cuddle with my pup.

4. I’m a good writer. Writing is the best way I know to express myself. It’s where I feel the most authentically me. But it’s taken me a long journey to get to this point where I can say I am a good writer. That writing is what I was born to do.

5. I am a good listener. I actually really, really love listening to other people’s problems. Not whining. I don’t like listening to whining, but when someone comes to me and tells me about something they’re struggling with or has an issue about? I feel so honored. I love to listen and I like to think I’m good at understanding where they are coming from and offering comfort, not advice. (Most times, people just want comfort.)

6. I try my best and know how to give myself credit for a job well done. I may not be the best at everything I try to do, I may fail a lot, but I still get back up and keep trying. And when I do get back up? I applaud myself for having the bravery and gumption to keep going, even if I know I may get knocked down again. And that? That is the best this we can ask of ourselves.

7. I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-rise kinda girl. I’m the girl who, at 26 years old, feels weird when she’s out after midnight. In fact, in my entire life, the latest I have ever been out is two a.m. and that’s happened a handful of times. I’m the girl who would rather wake up early than go to bed late. And I no longer feel the need to defend this part of me. In fact, I really like my early-to-bed, early-to-rise nature! I like 9pm bedtimes, that sleeping in for me is any time after 8am, and the fact that getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night is incredibly important to me.

8. I love organization. Organization is my happy place. In my home, everything has its place and I spend way too much time thinking about how I could better organize my kitchen, my closets, my bathroom cabinet. Organization makes me feel calm, peaceful, and centered. (I would seriously love to come to anyone’s home and organize it for them. I’ll even do your garage! New side hustle, perhaps?)

9. I am willing to wait for radical, life-changing love. Most importantly, I know I am worth that kind of love. This is why I’m not the girl who dates around and doesn’t have time for guys who are going to continuously push me away, play hard to get, or “forget” about dates. One day, I am going to make some lucky guy an incredible girlfriend, fiancee, and wife.

10. I’m sensitive. I used to think my sensitivity was a weakness, something to hide. But it’s not. My sensitivity means that I care about what people think of me and I strive to be a better person. It means I take on other people’s problems as if they are my own and their pain is my pain. It means I can sympathize, even when I’ve never been in their shoes. It means life feels brighter, music moves me deeper, fragrances are more rich. It means I am in tune with my emotions and more cautious about what I say because I understand how much words can hurt or heal.

Your turn: what do you like about yourself?

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  1. says

    Love this! I did a version of this recently (where I polled friends) for a project I’m working on and can’t wait to share soon.

    What a great way to start my Wednesday with this post!

  2. says

    A LOT of these would be on my own list! Like… the majority of them. :) Good for you for coming up with these things you like, and recognizing your strengths. I think you are completely right in that we often get too caught up in what we DON’T like to recognize what we DO like. Thanks for making me think!

  3. says

    This is so awesome and I love it! You are definitely an amazing listener & make me laugh, so thank you. I’m thankful to have you in my corner :)

  4. says

    I love this. You are so right – we are totally conditioned to sort of shrug off our accomplishments or not acknowledge compliments. This is a great list and I hope you will come back and read this on the days when you are doubting yourself. S

    Some thing I love about myself are that I am good with numbers, I am a really good and thoughtful friend, I like my sense of style, I’m a great aunt, and I’m really driven and disciplined.

  5. says

    I was simply up till midnight last night and that was insane to me. I’m definitely feeling it today… despite being up late AND today being my day off I was still up at 6:15. Darn internal clock!

  6. Dayle says

    A few things I like about myself:

    I am reliable and my word has integrity. I have some people in my life who don’t always follow through with what they say, or don’t always show up where and when they said they would, etc. I am proud that for myself, I can always be counted on to come through with all the commitments I make, whether it’s showing up at an event, completing a project, or simply showing up at work every single day and on time. If I say I will be somewhere or do something, I can be counted on to make it happen.

    I am good at balancing a busy schedule and life. I juggle a lot of commitments and responsiblities but I always make time for my family, friends, myself, and sleep.

    My organizational skills are exceptional.

    I think I give good advice, and my friends often ask for my opinion. I’m good at helping others consider all variables en route to making sound decisions.


  7. says

    This is a really awesome and feel-good post idea! I love it! And you ARE an excellent writer, I can attest to that. I find your posts so easy to read and your words always flow together so well.

    I am a very determined person, when I set a goal I achieve it and that’s something I really pride myself on. Also, something I’ve only recently started to appreciate but have gotten feedback on a lot recently, is how self-aware I am. I regularly get told that I’m very aware of what I’m doing, saying, how I present myself etc. I think this also makes me good at giving advice because I can be really good at looking at the situation objectively. I also love to listen to my friends talk about their lives and their problems and would rather listen than talk. haha.

  8. says

    LOVE this post. It’s so easy to focus on the things we don’t like and forget about the things that we DO like about ourselves. Numbers 3+ 7? I’m totally with you there and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Even trying to think of what I would include on my own list, I’m having trouble naming things I like about myself but I can think of 25 things I don’t like. I like that I love my cats with every fiber of my being, that I love to read and bake and cook and that I’m not a party animal. I like that I’m a homebody and love my small hometown and have no desire to leave it, ever.

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